Sunday Smarm: “They Can’t Read”

Aww, Mistuh Bloomberg, we can SO read!! In fact, we’re especially good at 2000-page legislative bills.

“If  you look at who we are electing to Congress, to the Senate, they can’t read”, said NY’s increasingly nasty-mouthed-millionare-mayor while in Hong Kong, discussing the peril our trade agreements may now be in due to the newly elected Tea Party candidates .  “I’ll bet you…these people don’t even have passports….nobody knows where China is…nobody knows what China is.”

“That’s a very foolish statement”, said Republican operative Ed Rollins, in a gross understatement. “Sometimes there’s an arrogance on the mayor’s part and this just shows it.”  Um, yeah. Newbie-nice freshman Michael Grimm, a decorated Marine just elected to Congress, said the mayor could have chosen “much better verbiage.”   Beseechingly defensive responses by a few incoming GOP.  “I have a summa cum laude degree from Princeton, and I do read, and I have a passport and I use it”, said Nan Hayworth.

Staten Island Tea Party Founder Frank Santarpia came back strongly and got it right: “The Mayor once again tries to portray people with common core principles as stupid. It’s so indicative of the smug intellectual elitism that defines progressivism.”

Mr. Bloomberg, you are increasingly sounding less like a mayor and more like Bill Maher or David Letterman  — minus the amusement factor. And btw, we know where China is: it’s right here, where you and your Mao-lovin’ party put it, in all our goods and now most of our IOU’s.

(Quotes obtained from NY Daily News, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010)

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